March 1, 2019

Double Major


Bellingham and WWU is where it all began. We have so many memories of house shows, The Showoff Gallery, The 3B, Red Square and KUGS, all places we met friends and found our community. All places vital to the start of our band. And as we have continued on, it’s been amazing to see and hear so much music continue to flow out of Bellingham too.

So when we met ODESZA, our bond of being “from Bellingham” was an instant connection. We know the same spots, we hiked the same trails, and we share a similar spirit that our days living there allowed to grow. It was only natural that we thought “let’s play a show together and celebrate our starts.”

And now, we are. We’ve worked with the University and Alumni Association, the Mayor’s office, the fire and police departments, The City of Bellingham Permits Office and the Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department to be able to put this show together. We are excited and proud to be a part of this “Double Major” show along with chong the nomad, Robotaki, and LipStitch.

See you soon Bellingham! Sign up for the presale + more info at